To:     Zeke Martinez, Wayne van Zwoll, Tracy Zahn, Maggie Ochoa, Matt West


    From:  Scott Sattler


    CC:     Eddie Morales, Tami Jackson, Diane Hull, Mario Martinez, Jesse Macy, Shawna Weiding

                Hanna Coffman, all staff. 


    Date:  10/22/19


    Re:      Supt. Report

    Strategic Plan Improvement Goals


    1. Ensure a school culture where every student is respected, safe, academically challenged and engaged.
    2. Ensure rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.
    3. Ensure high quality and effective personnel in all positions.
    4. Ensure strong partnerships with students, families, and community.
    5. Ensure district resources support the strategic plan.


    District items of interest:

    The next regularly scheduled school board meeting is October 28th, 2019 6:00 pm, Superintendent’s Office.


    Enrollment:  781.5-This is 28.5 students below what we set our budget of 810 students. 


    Ensure a school culture where every student is respected, safe, academically challenged and engaged:

    Homecoming Week

                                                    Wednesday – Powderpuff football under the lights & FFA BBQ

                                                    Friday – Football game, Royalty Crowned

                                                    Saturday – Homecoming Dance


    Donation: Janet Ward donated 136 books for the elementary library and only 3 of those books were duplicates of books we already had.  Thanks Janet for the donation.


    All School Evacuation Drill planned for Oct. 29th at 9:00 am.  This drill is pre-planned in preparation for an unannounced drill in the spring. The building principal’s will discuss the plan prior to the actual event.  School busses will stage at the little league field but will not transport any students.   


    Sam Tonseth (SRO) and Shawna Weiding have put together a 2-way radio system with 6 frequencies for the school district.  There is an antenna placed on top of Dyer Hill which allows long distance coverage and in places where there is no cell phone coverage.  Radios have been placed in all the busses and we will begin to add radios district wide.  This will include offices, playground, ball games, maintenance, etc. 


    Ensure high quality and effective personnel in all positions:

    Congratulations, Becky Buckingham!  Your recent application for a North Central Education Foundation Teacher Classroom Grant was selected for you to receive $200 for your “Scooping up Second Grade Independent Readers” project.  This was made possible because of donations the NCESD received from educators and individuals/organizations in our region. 


    Ensure strong partnerships with students, families, and community:

    ECEAP has filled all 30 slots awarded to Bridgeport.  This will fund the entire pre-school program this year. 


    Elementary School is doing a Spirit Week on the week of October 28th.


    The Elementary Culture Committee is hosting Trunk or Treat this year. We would love to invite staff in bringing their vehicles, decorating the trunk, and pass out candy to our amazing trick-or-treaters! This will be a sweet, fun, and EXCITING night! Staff can decorate a vehicle as a team or individually. Trunk or Treat will be on Thursday, October 31st from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.


    The Cuban Guy assemblies are coming to Bridgeport MS/HS and parents on October 25th. Andres graduated with honors from Montclair State University with a major in Speech Communication and a minor in creative writing. He is the author of several international-selling books including "Inspire the Sleeping Giant Within" which is published in Korea, Africa, and USA; "How to Stay Motivated During Difficult Times" and "The Finish Line." Yet, not everything came on a silver spoon for him. At the age of 16 he escaped from Cuba. He arrived to America not knowing a word of English, without his parents, without any money, and was even homeless for a while.  How was he able to turn his life around? How did he go from living his worst nightmare (living on the streets) to living his dream? What inspired him? What had him succeed in spite of all his challenges?

    School Messenger is our School District Emergency communication system.  We are asking anyone with a cell phone in our district to sign up for an emergency text.  You can participate in this free service just by sending a text message of “Y” or “YES” to our school’s short code number 67587.

    Ensure district resources support the strategic plan

    We have made it through Step 1 of the grant process.  Step 2 is to finalize all plans for building improvements.  The rural school modernization grants, if Step 2 is approved, will fund the high school roof repair and replace the cooling tower at the high school.  If these two are funded, it will bring and additional $450,000 of capital projects to our facilities.   


    Construction Update:  The Middle School continues to see some of the finishing touches such as the exterior siding, curbs and sidewalks will be completed this next week along with asphalt for bus lanes and parking lots.  The gym has been painted, bleachers and score clock installed, and the gym floor striping will be completed by November 11.  Classroom carpets are going down this week along with interior cabinets.  The elementary and high school are progressing along the same lines just slightly behind the MS in terms of overall progress.  The elementary school should see significant progress in the next few weeks as the front of the school will regain sidewalk access.     


    Upcoming Events     

    October 21-26:                       Homecoming Week

                                                    Wednesday – Powderpuff football under the lights & FFA BBQ

                                                    Friday – Football game, Royalty Crowned

                                                    Saturday – Homecoming Dance

    Thursday, October 24th:       Fillies Soccer Senior Night

    Thursday, October 24th:       Cross Country Senior Night

    Friday, October 25th:            3rd Period Assembly – The Cuban Guy (motivational Speaker)

                                                                Parent Assembly 5:00pm

    Monday, October 28th:          School Board mtg.

    October 31st & November 1st: Student-led Conferences

    Thursday, October 31st:        Trunk or Treat at the Elementary

    Friday, November 1st:           Football Senior Night

    Friday, November 8th:           Veteran’s Day Assembly @ 8:30 AM (K-12) in HS gym

    Monday, November 11th:      Veteran’s Day – No School