• Superintendent's Newsletter, November 6, 2019

     To:     Zeke Martinez, Wayne van Zwoll, Matt West, Tracy Zahn, Maggie Ochoa


    From:  Scott Sattler


    CC:     Eddie Morales, Tami Jackson, Diane Hull, Mario Martinez, Jesse Macy, Shawna Weiding

                Hanna Coffman, all staff. 

    Date:  11/06/19


    Re:      Supt. Report

    Strategic Plan Improvement Goals

    1. Ensure a school culture where every student is respected, safe, academically challenged and engaged.
    2. Ensure rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.
    3. Ensure high quality and effective personnel in all positions.
    4. Ensure strong partnerships with students, families, and community.
    5. Ensure district resources support the strategic plan.


    District items of interest:

    The next regularly scheduled school board meeting is November 25, 2019 at 6:00 pm, Superintendent’s Office.


    Enrollment:  774 - This is 36 students below what we set our budget of 810 students.


    The school levy is just around the corner.  The district will place on the ballot what is called an Enrichment Levy.  This levy will replace the current M&O levy that will expire at the end of 2020 which is collecting at $1.74 per thousand assessed value.  The new levy will collect at a lower rate of $1.60 per thousand assessed value.   


    Ensure a school culture where every student is respected, safe, academically challenged and engaged:

    We have secured a trailer and truck load of surplus pre-school furniture and toys from a pre-school in Spokane.  It will be put into our pre-school this week.

    MS Students are attending the La Chispa! Bilingual Leadership conference tomorrow at Eastmont.

    Senior Catalina Martinez & Junior Miriam Jimenez are going to State in Cross Country.  They compete on Saturday, November 9th in Pasco.


    Ensure high quality and effective personnel in all positions:

    Mike Ipsen, Cassidy’s dad, purchased 208 calculators for the middle school. Covering every kid, with some extra! Wanting to be charitable, he ended up spending about $1000 for all of them. He wants them to stay with the school and belong to the school.  A big thanks to Mike and Cassidy Ipsen. 


    Ensure strong partnerships with students, families, and community:

    Thursday, November 7th at 6pm in the elementary cafeteria there will be a Family Leadership Institute informational meeting.  This meeting will determine date and times of FLI trainings this year.

    Friday, November 8th – K-12 Veteran’s Day Assembly @ 8:30 AM in the high school gym.  Elementary students will sing, the middle school and high school bands will play the National Anthem and a military melody. The high school ASB will have a PowerPoint presentation in honor of Veteran’s Day and all of the branches of the service. All veterans are welcome.

     School Messenger is our School District Emergency communication system.  We are asking anyone with a cell phone in our district to sign up for an emergency text.  You can participate in this free service just by sending a text message of “y” or “yes” to our school’s short code number 67587.


    Ensure district resources support the strategic plan

    We have made it through Step 1 of the grant process.  Step 2 is to finalize all plans for building improvements.  The rural school modernization grants, if Step 2 is approved, will fund the high school roof repair and replace the cooling tower at the high school.  If these two are funded, it will bring an additional $450,000 of capital projects to our facilities.   


    Construction Update:  The big news this week has been sidewalks and asphalt.  All three school sites are seeing some major finishes.  The Middle School continues to see some of the finishing touches. The exterior siding, curbs and sidewalks will be completed this next week, along with asphalt for bus lanes and parking lots.  The gym has been painted, bleachers and score clock installed, and the gym floor striping will be completed by November 11.  Classroom carpets are going down this week, along with interior cabinets.  The elementary and high school are progressing along the same lines, just slightly behind the MS in terms of overall progress.  The elementary school should see significant progress in the next few weeks as the front of the school will regain sidewalk access.