• Superintendent's Newsletter, March 5, 2020

     To:     Bennie Polvos, Wayne van Zwoll, Matt West, Tracy Zahn, Maggie Ochoa


    From:  Scott Sattler


    CC:     Eddie Morales, Tami Jackson, Diane Hull, Mario Martinez, Jesse Macy, Shawna Weiding

                Hanna Coffman, all staff. 

    Date:  03/04/20


    Re:      Supt. Report

    Strategic Plan Improvement Goals


    1. Ensure a school culture where every student is respected, safe, academically challenged and engaged.
    2. Ensure rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.
    3. Ensure high quality and effective personnel in all positions.
    4. Ensure strong partnerships with students, families, and community.
    5. Ensure district resources support the strategic plan.


    District items of interest:


    The next regularly scheduled school board meeting is March 30, 2020 6:00 pm, Middle School Commons.


    Enrollment:  781


    Career Fairs are starting is just a few weeks.  If you plan to retire or move on to another district in the upcoming school year, please let your principal know as soon as possible. 


    Ensure a school culture where every student is respected, safe, academically challenged and engaged:


    The SAT was taken at our High School by Juniors and Seniors from both the HS and Aurora. 


    Rigorous and relevant learning opportunities:


    On March 11th, Bridgeport High School will host its first ever Arts Night from 6-9 in the high school commons. Come celebrate award-winning art work and performances by Bridgeport students. The event is hosted by Mr. Skiff and Mr. Pulsifer, and will include original artwork and photography, as well as performances by the middle and high school bands, choirs, and mariachi. Food will be provided by the Bridgeport Migrant Program.


    5th grade Math is Cool team won 2nd place in their division at the regional competition on Feb. 28. Two students also won individual awards by coming in 12th and 1st in their division.

    Ensure high quality and effective personnel in all positions:


    Congratulations to Diana Espino.  Diana has been selected to serve on the State Migrant Council. 


    Bridgeport will host the Okanogan County Excellence in Education Banquet again this year.  The event will be held in our new Middle School Gym and commons on April 22nd, 2020. 


    Ensure strong partnerships with students, families, and community:


         Thankful for the exceptional healthcare services provided by the Center for Disease Control, Washington State Health Department, and Douglas County Health Department, we continue to monitor updates about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


    While it's our understanding that at present, the immediate risk to the general public residing in the U.S., Washington, and Okanogan/Douglas County is reported to be low, we are taking the threat seriously. The health and safety of our students is our first priority. Contingency planning is underway using information from local, state and federal healthcare officials to prepare for and respond to any situation that may impact our schools and families. 

    We would like to begin by reminding each of you of the universal precautions for reducing the risk of any viral respiratory infection. They include:


    Frequent washing of hands 

    Covering coughs/sneezes 

    Staying up-to-date on immunizations 

    Staying home when feeling ill 

    Conferring with healthcare providers for medical advice when necessary


    Information regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has been posted to the Bridgeport website and information is being sent home to our parents. 


    Ensure district resources support the strategic plan


    The high school office and front entry remodel is scheduled to bid in the next few weeks.  The total remodel should take place in April/May…..that means it will be done by the start of school next year. 


    Upcoming Events


    March 11         6:00-9:00         Arts Night                                                       High School

    March 18         12:00               Early Release Professional Development

    March 30         6:00 pm           School Board Meeting                                    MS Commons