High School Athletics

High School athletics are scheduled to begin VERY soon. Of just the student athletes who have previously participated in sports in the past for Bridgeport High School, we have 78 who ALREADY have an expired physical, and ANOTHER  16 who their physicals are set to expire during the season that they usually participate in.  That is a whopping 94 student athletes unable to participate yet at this point! ALL student athletes are UNABLE to even turn out for the first day of their sport they are wanting to participate in if they DO NOT have a current physical. With all of the area schools in the same situation we will all now struggle to be getting into clinics to see Dr’s to get our physicals in time for the start of the upcoming sports season, so time is really going to become our enemy the longer we wait to get our physical appointments set up. There can be absolutely NO exceptions allowed to start practicing if you do not ALREADY have your physical by the first day of practice! Please DO NOT procrastinate.