As part of Bridgeport School District’s procedures to ensure student safety, individuals who express an interest in volunteering in our schools are required to complete this disclosure form as well as grant us permission to conduct a background check through the Washington State Patrol’s on-line system. The procedure, which is similar to that which we currently utilize before hiring employees, will enable us to provide further assurances to you that our school environment is both safe and secure for our children. Please read and complete all pages of the Bridgeport School District Volunteer Procedures and Polices Handbook and the Volunteer Application Form. The application form must be returned to the Bridgeport School District Office along with a copy of your Driver’s License or other photo identification. We thank you for your willingness to give your time and talents and are most appreciative of your commitment to the students in our district.


1. Complete the Volunteer Application Packet below and review the Volunteer Services Handbook Policies and Procedures.
2. Provide photo identification by Driver’s License, Passport, or another acceptable form of identification.
3. Participate in Washington State Patrol background clearance process.
4. Bridgeport School District will contact you if your volunteer application packet has been accepted.

Volunteer Application Packet